Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tron & Advertising

This weekend my wife and I watched Tron for the first time on Netflicks. While a little cheesy for my taste, it did have some interesting points on openness. Should programs be free to users? Are we headed to a more open or closed world? Can companies put their main product out for free and still make enough money to keep a job? I would say yes and we have to prime examples in facebook and Google. Most people would consider these companies expert in many different areas but their real expertise? Advertising. In many ways these two companies are pioneers in internet advertising. In fact, it is nearly the only way they make money! So is advertising the answer? With a progress to a more open society should we expect a bogging down in advertisements thrown at us? I am tempted to say yes and I am not really against it. I payed less for my Kindle full knowing that they were going to stick advertisements on it. It is a price that I, the consumer, am willing to take which may show in what direction we are headed.
I have heard many people speak negativity about internet advertising but I don't think they realize that advertising is why we get so much stuff for free. Facebook and Google would have to charge us for using their products. One of the main concerns I have heard is that they are collecting too much personal data. While I do understand that privacy is an issue, this is why people will pay them a lot of money. They know that their advertising is going to specific people who have already shown an interest in something like their own product. I am personally all for this. Although I am not an advertiser, I am a consumer and if I am going to have adds around me why not have stuff I am actually interested in? They know I'm a Mormon. They know how old I am. They know my gender, my age, what I like, and what I don't like. Scary? Honestly, I don't mind. As long as I am still getting stuff for free bring on the advertising. 

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