Friday, February 24, 2012

Reflecting on the semester

For the last day or so I have been thinking about this blog. I feel that I am more a follower of the blog then a poster and that I have learned a bit about a lot by having it. I have tried to keep things relevant but have not had much success. I believe I began preaching open learning. This was because our group presented on the first day and I got excited about the possibilities. I still am excited but the subject changed as I found that there were many people talking about open learning but no one with any real ideas for a project. At least, none that could feasibly be done by our class.
Next came open government. I enjoy following politics and I feel that there is a giant void in our society of people who don't care at all. One group presented about it an I tried to take it and run. The problem was, run where? This time I had an idea that would work and we could do. The problem was that it was not grounded in history. I made a few shallow attempts to do so but it felt empty. I could talk to people in person about my ideas but when it came to the digital world no one expressed interest. I even joined an e-government group on linked in and posted a few of my ideas with links to my blog but nothing caught. And thus it is that I am beginning to change ideas again. I haven't decided on anything specific but I am trying. There are times when I feel involved with the class  but for the most part I feel separated and unable to connect. I guess I will continue to formulate ideas and attempt to gather social proofing but I don't feel successful quite yet. Part of the process I guess.

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