Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Openness: An Annotated Bibliography

       My research process has been fairly internet heavy. This is because I have been studying much of how the current open via digital media is changing how we think about information. I also was able to find quiet a few interesting things in the bibliographies of the things I read
       This bibliography shows that there are people out there who believe in many levels of openness. There are people in every field commenting and writing about this important subject. This proves that it is not a black and white subject. There are obviously problems or there would not have to be anyone fighting for the open idea.

Further Readings

Thought Leaders
  • Trey Ratcliff ( Trey is a computer specialist turned photographer. He is an advocate for creative commons and making art open to the public. All his photos online are in full quality and free to download. I plan on using a photo of his and to use him as an example of how people can be open and still make money in their field. [I found him while searching for professionals involved with creative commons]
  • Richard Baraniuk( Richard is a professor at Rice University. He spoke at a ted conference and is the founder of Connexions, a free, open-source, global clearinghouse of course materials. [I found him at the beginning of the course when researching openness]
  • Michael Nielsen ( Michael is "This is the most highly cited physics publication of the last 25 years, and one of the ten most highly cited physics books of all time (Source: Google Scholar, December 2007)." He wrote the book Reinventing Discovery and is an advocate for open science. [I found him after reading the book Reinventing Discovery]


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