Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do not limit yourself!

To all those limited people out there:

Perhaps you have other friends on G+ who you feel would not be interested or maybe you are scared of your knowledge leaking onto the web and then having strange people finding you. I would plead with all of you limited people to change your mind. Go to your settings and spread your knowledge to the world. Isn't that the point of this class? Don't you want to spread the wealth? I would argue that you are being fairly selfish. If you truly feel that your  posts simply would not be interesting to anyone outside our class then your should probably not write those kinds of posts anyway. I have been studying about openness for the last couple of weeks and it has struck a cord with me. I believe that information should be spread as much as possible. As you put your knowledge onto the web, let the reader decide if it worth consuming or not. Do not assume others simply won't be interested. know someone who I talk to regularly about a variety of deep subjects. This person has a fantastic view on many subjects but when we get into group conversations they shuts off and simply listen, claiming that their view is no different from the groups. How many times could our view have changed someones life if we only would have shared it. We will never know because there was no communication! The world will still progress if you do not post publicly but perhaps your small bit of insight or knowledge can be the butterfly which creates a hurricane.


  1. Haha I didn't know this was for a class. But for all those "limited people" out there, I found what Caleb has to say interesting and am glad he's open to sharing it.

    (And he didn't ask me to read this blog or anything. I found it on my own.)

  2. Ha, thanks David. By the way, I've been thinking lightly of how we could use open sourcing to help our ideas.